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When I was asked to give my list of the coolest sneaker sites , well kept in a google sheets doc on my computer, I had the reaction of a 5 year old child who is being tried to steal his bag. de Pépito at tea time. My childish reaction passed, I see that the site I use the most is not cool and confidential, since it is the Nike https://nearme.company/product/makeup-melting-cleanser/site . Finally more precisely the Sneakrs application, which allows you to program reminders (and therefore to have a notification) on the brand’s interesting releases. Moreover, for the most confidential, the site does not even reference the pair, you have to go through the application. In short, obviously Nike is not the only one on this ground, all the big brands in general do it. But we are here to talk about reliable and cool sneaker sites , which centralize the releases of sneakers of all brands. Before starting, I still want to clarify that there is no hierarchy in this top. The sites are not ranked from best to worst, but in no predefined order. Here is our list of the best sneaker / trainer sites :

Corner street

So we start with Corner Street . This site greatly nourished my passion for sneakers, at the time when I only had the monthly Crous scholarships as a budget. Indeed, their “good deals” tab never lies, there are real gems at cheap prices. If you read the article when it was released, have a look, there is currently an Ultraboost Khaki at € 69 instead of € 179. Unbeatable! For the record, the physical shop was created in 1998 in Marseille by a team of passionate sneakerheads . And Corner Street has come a long way since then, until a very recent overhaul of their site, which I personally very much appreciated. It is clearer and much smoother.Corner Street Marseille

Credit: Corner Street

We go there for : its tips and its beautiful and clean site
Shipping costs : offered from a certain amount (not specified on the site)
The site  :  https://cornerstreet.fr


There is an “account” system with major brands giving access to exclusive pairs. UK-based Footpatrol is on the very short list with a Tier Zero account with the comma brand. They therefore have the opportunity to release popular editions such as the Nike LDWaffle Racer in collaboration with the Japanese brand Sacai. Please note, the prices are in pounds! The online currency converter is therefore de rigueur ( xe.com ). On the other hand, Footpatrol opened a store in Paris , at 45 rue du Temple and today offers a version of the site in French.

Footpatrol Sneaker Shop

We go there for : its (very) exclusive editions
Shipping costs : € 4
The site  :  https://www.footpatrol.fr/


At Adidas , the equivalent of the Tier 0 account is called Consortium. Footshop benefits from this, proof of this with the presence of the Consortium collection on the site. And it’s also a way for them to get Kanye West’s coveted Yeezy on sale. Even more interesting, they have in stock the ZX 4000 4D from Adidas or the collaboration with Alexander Wang. Beyond this great selection, I really like their little “about” insert under a pair. The technical sheet is accompanied by a pictogram indicating to each component mentioned, which part of the pair we are talking about.Footshop Sneaker Shop

Credit: Footshop

We go there for : his selection of Adidas and his user experience.
Shipping costs : Usually free. Otherwise in 6 and 15 € depending on the option chosen.
The site :  https://www.footshop.fr


I continue the selection with Kickz . According to the terms and conditions, the site has been around since 1993. I can believe it, because I remember receiving filthy and overloaded flyers promoting kickz.fr in my parents’ mailbox when I was younger. Anyway, I imagine that they don’t do that anymore today and fortunately because I have a very bad memory of what it could look like. Whatever happens, Kickz is still around and should be around for a long time with a huge, huge selection of sneakers. From the rather confidential Nike Adapt BB to the widely distributed Vans Era, the site is casting a wide net and that’s its strength.Sneaker Shop Kickz

Credits: Kickz.com

Here we go for : the infinite selection
Shipping costs : free
The site  :  https://www.kickz.com/fr/

We the new

If you are a real sneakerhead or just have a little interest in the basketball world, you know that limited series trading is commonplace. The most recent example (and undoubtedly the silliest) is the pair of sneakers originally sold by Lidl for 13 euros and now offered for… 1300 €! Fortunately, the vast majority of transactions in this market are done by professionals. Among them is We the new: a French buy-resale platform specializing in new, authentic and limited sneakers. Since 2017, the site’s mission is to “give the opportunity to all sneakers enthusiasts, enthusiasts and curious people to buy the limited pair they like with confidence”. Nice program!


Overkill is one of the few German shops to have an international scope. The brand has a very strong history. In 1992, the founder known under the pseudonym “Overkill Marc” launched a magazine around graffiti, his passion. He chooses the name Overkill which is also the expression used to describe the phenomenon of paint explosion when the bomb is frozen. The lifestyle around this experience led him to open a physical shop in 2003 which brought together graffiti material, clothes, and sneakers. The site is a must, because all the best outings pass through their homes. Moreover, it is on the list of the rare “ Quickstrike ” shop of Nike, receiving very exclusive sneakers.Overkill Berlin Sneakers

Credits: sneakers-magazine.com

We go there for : its exclusives and its identity
Shipping costs : 13 € with Fedex
The site  :  https://Overkillshop.com


Fenom (formerly SNKRS) in addition to being a French with a very serious selection, is a predominant player in the French game . Before being a commercial site, it was a forum that started in 2005. Then a blog, led at arm’s length by a team of enthusiasts. The blog is growing, to become a full-fledged media: sneakers.fr. Finally, a commercial platform which takes the name snkrs.fr. A shop whose legitimacy is therefore undeniable. Especially since most of the sites of this top have developed a blog part a posteriori of the commercial part.


We go there for : its very interesting media part Shipping costs : free delivery The site :  https://www.fenom.com/fr


If Solebox has its place in my list, it is notably for its “ soon ” tab , dedicated to outings. For interesting upcoming releases , the choice is yours. Either browse the agendas of specialized sites, or go directly to the source, the retailers . Having a tab dedicated to pairs that are not yet online is so handy when you think that some models go off in a snap. We have the URL at hand and when the pair point the tip of their nose at 9:00 am sharp, there is more to click. Unless you get your hair done on the pole by a super-fast bot, the limited edition you covet should be yours.Solebox Sneaker Shop

Credit: Kane Holz / @knucklerkane

We go there for : its “Soon” tab
Shipping costs : site based in Germany therefore calculated on a case-by-case basis.
The site :  https://www.solebox.com/


Titolo is the only Swiss in the band. I begin by specifying that, contrary to popular belief, the shipping costs will not be particularly steep. You might think so since they are outside the European Union and it was still the case some time ago, but here count € 12.90 for a pair of sneakers. If we are interested in Titolo, beyond a site with a frankly cool user experience, it is also for its quality collaborations with major brands. The next to come is none other than the Diadora Intrepid Five Almond, which really catches my eye!Titolo Sneaker Shop

Credit: Anthony Brown Photography

We go there for : its collaborations and its user experience
Shipping costs : € 12.90
The site  :  https://en.titoloshop.com/

Urban Industry

Urban Industry is the one and only site on the list that shows photos of the litter. However, we are not all collectors storing our pairs under vacuum in a warm room, are we? So personally, when I’m looking for pairs on a site and haven’t seen them worn on Facebook groups or Instagram before, I find myself doing some research on Google: “model name + on feet ” à tire larigot , wasting precious time. Urban Industry chews my work considerably with its presentation photos worn and I thank him for it.Urban Industry Sneakers Shop

Credit: The Hundreds

Here we go for : his presentations of worn pairs
Postage : free with classic DPD delivery
The site :  https://www.urbanindustry.co.uk/

In conclusion, what to say, if not to give you significant bonuses. The first is Naked (nakedcph.com). A site that loudly proclaims essential feminist values ​​today by giving itself the mission of meeting the needs of women in terms of sneakers. I am thinking in particular of the sizing of pairs sometimes (often) available in too small quantities on small sizes. And finally, the StockX app. Late-diapers who won’t be up at 9 a.m. to buy their limited edition pair on Saturday morning will be able to find them a few hours after the sold out . Obviously it’s a marketplacefor retailers of collector’s sneakers, therefore the prices are in relation to the coast of the pair. Without forgetting the commission of the application, which, in addition to taking care of receiving and sending you the pair, will authenticate the model. No risk (in theory) of receiving fakes .Nakedcph Sneaker Shop

Credit: nakedcph.com

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