Fashion trends 2022: TOP 6 pairs of sneakers For you.

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While everything suggested that moccasins and boots would be the most popular shoes to start 2022 on the right foot, it seems that fashionistas have decided otherwise. The star pairs? Sneakers, and not just any.

We suspected it, and here is Google SEO has spoken. And for good reason, although the modestosphere is just relieving its closet of the comfy clothes to which confinement had accustomed us, here it is about to reappropriate accessories that have the watchword ” comfortable “. Because if sophisticated shoes had previously been popular, they are supplanted by a horde of sneakers ready to steal the show.


If in the fall the fashion world placed in its viewfinder the white Slip-On Vans inspired by the Netflix Squid Game series , it is now the turn of new pairs of sneakers to take over. Because it is by analyzing Internet data that the editorial staff was able to make a finding that requires no debate: sneakers are the star shoes of early 2022. Extreme performance made by the Nike Dunk High and the New Balance 327 for women , which stand out as the footwear references for this new year.

And if there is one fashion brand that is doing well, it is none other than the unmistakable American brand Nike , which has no less than four pairs in the top 6 of the most sought after and ordered shoes on Internet. We also note the presence of Converse which goes up in the ranking, thanks to the ultra-stylish Run Star Hike, and more than popular . And here are the pairs of shoes to get, to prove that fashion knows you.

Some show off with their moccasins with tassels, their shiny Oxford shoes, their yak leather ankle boots. Some people want to put on the show with their feet to the detriment of their comfort and the elementary rules of style. Not you. No, you know that it’s when you are comfortable in your sneakers that you are beautiful. You know that a good pair of athletic shoes has more erotic potential than a belly dance. It’s your feet that say thank you.

1. The Yeezy 350 Boost (Adidas)

At any time, you can run to grab your bus. Your Yeezy, you wear them even with a suit or a suit. In any case, for you, elegance is above all a matter of comfort. Sometimes you fall asleep while running after the bus.

2. The Stan Smith (Adidas)

Well there you have Stan Smiths. Like all the guys in your com box. Like all the guys at your school. Like all the guys in the area where you live. You are the most like everyone else that we know. And yet you think that it sets you apart, to be like everyone else.

3. The Air Jordan 1 Retro (Nike)

25 years ago, you were a fan of Michael Jordan and you promised yourself to have Air Jordan when your mother would not be able to choose your things for you. Now you are living your dream a little late, but you are living it anyway. With your push-ups, you invented a kind of comfortable walk that involves hopping while walking, and people admire you for that. Anyway, everything you do is only meant to look a little gangly. It works, mate.

4. The Chuck Taylor All Star (Converse)

With your skinny jeans and your Converse in 47, you look like a crane inside out. But you don’t care: it’s the others who don’t understand you. You stay true to your principles and keep buying tickets to see Pete Doherty and the BB Brunes. When your soul is vague, you reassure yourself by remembering that in high school, you were the coolest.

5. The Superstar (Adidas)

You can’t get enough of people telling you you wear Stan Smiths. You don’t wear Stan Smiths, you wear Superstar. It will be necessary to be satisfied with a discreet stardom. Your normcoritude makes you a follower of “good little films”, bistronomy, Sunday sushi and “good music”. It would be a question of taking a flea tour to buy a personality, my child.

6. Air Force 1 (Nike)

You don’t care anymore wearing Sharks and finding Tacchini. Style is not a brand, it is an ethic of life. You changed your brand of tracksuit and swapped the sharks for Air Force 1, but the result is the same. You looked out for your Saturday night outings on the Champs, somewhere between the Mia and an R&B music video. In addition, your maxi wedge pumps capture the odors of your Artengo socks. You’re cool, Raoul.

7. Sweden (Puma)

That’s all you, that: a little cool but not too much. You wouldn’t want to make waves, that’s why you chose suede, finally suede, there, well we don’t really know what it is. You care, to your Puma; you buy the same model since the third, the year you went out with Lucie Morland, the most beautiful of the class, who loved your style. Come to think of it, she wasn’t that cool, Lucie. Come to think of it, neither do you.

8. The Classic Leather (Reebok)

While all your friends are wearing Air Force 1s, you chose the Reebok team. It’s your lost cause side, you’ve always liked it. When you put on your black jeans with your white sneakers, you know that all the girls are turning on you. Then, little gin to, what’s up? On Sundays, you spend your day watching Youtube videos. You make yourself a nice little culture. You’ve always loved lost causes, that’s why you love your life.

9. The Authentic (Van’s)

One of two things: either you make a size larger than 46 and have no choice but to put on shoes at Van’s, or you take as a model the slogan Off the wall advocated by the brand: baggy, tattoos, you screw at the margin. At the margin with a collection of van’s. You plan to get back to skateboarding, but instead you’re going to buy a segway to show off in your ad agency.

10. 574 (New Balance)

You are 100% sport. You are 100% city. You are 100% boring.

Come on, sing, dance and put on your sneakers, owl, that’s cool, you’ll see.

What are the 10 pairs that the French want more than anything?


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