Fitness sneakers: what are their characteristics?

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Many sports enthusiasts go to great lengths to practice their sports activity daily, others do it a little less often. But what many people do not know and do not know is that to play sports, it is not enough to just play sports. We explain! To practice your sport according to the rules of the art, having favorable conditions is a priority.

Going to the store and buying sportswear just because they are pretty and instagrammable is not recommended at all! And it’s the same for sports shoes. In this article we will talk about fitness sneakers and how to choose them.

How to choose your clothes and sports shoes?

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As we said a little earlier, playing sports is not about getting pretty and taking selfies to post them on social networks! To play sports as it should, you must opt ‚Äč‚Äčfor clothes that are adapted and specially designed for sports activity , you have to be comfortable, the aesthetic aspect comes next. Many people make the mistake of returning to sport after a few years and removing their good old pair of running shoes, when for each sporting activity, there are suitable pairs of sneakers and unsuitable pairs. So you understand that choosing your pair of fitness shoes is not as easy as it may seem.

First, let’s take an example of cardio sneakers, which are made for running.¬†The latter are not at all adapted to the specific movements that one makes during a fitness session.¬†You must be able to jump, sprint, lunge, squat, but also rotate and move in different directions.¬†Fitness is a dynamic and varied sport, which is why you can’t do it with just any pair of shoes.

What are the characteristics of fitness sneakers?

As running shoes are not compatible with fitness practice , people who make this mistake are in danger compared to others, they are 24% more likely to have injuries such as sprains or injuries of ligaments. Athletes who do fitness then become more vulnerable. For a hassle-free and safe workout, be sure to buy a good pair ! You are probably wondering how to qualify sneakers as good pairs, so we will guide you by presenting the 3 criteria of a pair of shoes suitable for fitness:

  • multidirectional flexibility: as we explained a little earlier, in fitness, you often have to rotate and move in various directions.¬†This criterion will therefore promote and improve the movement of the foot;
  • the shoe must have a certain capacity to absorb and withstand shock, the cushioning is therefore placed on the front of the foot in order to prevent jumps for example;
  • another criterion, but quite complementary, is support because once again to be able to move and make movements without discomfort, having your foot well supported is essential.

However, do not hesitate to seek advice from the sellers in the shop to better guide and orient you! Even if you know what are the characteristics of a good pair of fitness and this article guides you to choose well, a professional will always be able to help you, he knows what it is and therefore will not offer you anything.

However, there are some known pairs for fitness and with a little research on the net, you will find them easily! We hope you enjoyed this article and found it helpful in understanding the differences between fitness sneakers and other shoes. As we said, in summary, each activity has its suitable pair of shoes.

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