How to return   clothes on shein   by  USPS.

How to return clothes on shein by USPS.

Remember : With the return label , the US  USPS will not charge you for the shipping cost, as it is prepaid by shein.

the return must be in the original shein packaging.


Go to your shein account where the order you have received is located and confirm that you have received the product ( doing so will earn you 240 shein points )

Step 2: Locate the Order Number you want to return so that it can be found in the corresponding Bag and select the reason why you are returning the purchase. This last point, most of us usually select the size.

The following link will take you to step 2 directly (it is in the same section of your shein account where your orders are sent or received by you,). I have attached a screenshot of the column where the codes of each purchase are.


In this simple step we select the return options that shein offers us (if you are in Spain using post office or point pack), we mark the method that seems best to you to receive the refund and finally we click the send button. Remember this last step whenever you want to return a purchase in shein, because this is where the  Shein Smart return label is generated , which is a link within the Shein email that reaches your inbox and contains the corresponding information of your order that you go to return.

Step 4 (last, last)

Mail confirming the return of the Product and a link in the first paragraph where it says: PRINT THE RETURN LABEL.

Wait a few minutes and check your email associated with your Shein account . It is very likely that you have received the email confirming the return and the requirements to do so.

They are basically 3 important requirements.

  • Send it in the original packaging
  • Print the Return Label and stick it on the package.
  • Take the package to the drop-off point selected in part 3.

That would be the process to make a return if it is your case. If, on the other hand, you want to use point pack to send a shipment to your clients, keep reading the note.

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