Jordan 1 A Ma Maniére AIRNESS

The new collaboration builds on a concept created to define Michael Jordan, now synonymous with greatness: Airness.

Airness , a word that mixes the majesty and movements in the air of Michael Jordan. An idea that explains its greatness, adopted now to determine not only the result but the development of our capacities. A conscious evolution of its origins and its potential to influence and shape a new culture. Who accepts the reality of their community as part of the process. 

A Ma Maniére uses Airness as a concept to create a new Jordan 1 that builds on the tradition of luxury, a classic element of the Houston store, hotel and restaurant. An astonishing combination of textures with cracked effect leather, snakeskin and padded interior, luxurious finishes and hidden details. 

You can now participate in the Jordan 1 A Ma Maniére raffle 

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